A zoom on Mantel’s best: the Nectar.
Because we believe in...
The Garbage Exchange Program

A zoom on Mantel’s best: the Nectar.
From the groundbreaking researchers who brought you the Endone (200,000,000 pills sold each month) and the Aracmen revolution, comes Mantel Health’s latest medical innovation: the Nova-Keto-Thyrazine - also called NECTAR.
The result of more than ten years of the most advanced research in both human therapeutic antibodies and neuronal genetic engineering, the Nectar was originally conceived as a support treatment for Mantel Military’s field employees: “Join the team!”
A closely kept secret, its formula allows better recovery from both physical and mental efforts on the field. In addition, it regulates the adrenaline rush that has previously led to tragic accidents (amongst which the infamous “Blue on Blue”), thus ensuring our boys stay 200 percent focused on their mission and objective. The military-grade version of NECTAR is of course strictly regulated and only used on-field after a thorough medical exam of each field operative.
At Mantel, we are aware that life can be a daily battle. Feeling depressed, overwhelmed by having to juggle your job, the kids, errands, your social life? We have the solution: direct from Mantel Health, we are proud to introduce the public version of NECTAR.
Already more than 150 million people around the world use it everyday. You too can regain control of your life, starting today! Simply contact your nearest local Mantel Health or Mantel Care retailer, who will be more than happy to guide you.
Mantel Health has also created a brand new vitamin- and protein-rich beverage in order for kids to take full advantage of NECTAR’s benefits in complete safety. Ask for Nectar-In at your nearest retailer to make your children both happier and saner! Nectar-In is also delivered free to all participating schools as part of the Children Priority Mission Nutrition Program. Ask your children’s school’s parental committee or your nearest Mantel Care or Mantel Health retailer directly, who will be more than happy to guide you.

Because we believe in...
fundamental values such as competition spirit, team spirit, constant and relentless effort, surpassing oneself and comradeship, Mantel Global Industries is a partner and host of numerous sport events.
With the launch of MTL Network, these events will now be broadcast worldwide.
The Mantel group is also the partner for several sports teams, to whom it provides the best possible technical and medical assistance, through (respectively) Mantel Global Systems and Mantel Health.

The Mantel Amateur Golf Challenge: this event is held annually in The Cape on the beautiful 18-hole Zulu Mansion. Having qualified during the series organised by the participating golf clubs (more than 360 to date), the best amateurs in the world come to challenge some of the best players in the world, including our own CFO, Carlos Castillo.
With a $5 million prize to be shared by the five best finalists, the Mantel Amateur Golf Challenge has become one of the most anticipated golf events.

It attracts up to 200,000 spectators each year and more than 150 players, amongst which some of the best former pros.
World Games: this now internationally famous event is held every two years in a different city. It gathers the best professional athletes from each discipline and is regularly the theatre for the breaking of records, some by sportsmen we sponsor (such as Xian Pio Mai's fastest ever 100-metre run, under 8.5 seconds, still in place since 2038.)

We are proud to have some of these fine champions as our partners for our annual charity event held in Las Vegas.

The Caïman Frigate Contest: in association with the Santa Clara Trust Bank, Mantel Global Industries hosts this sailing contest in Tortuga. Sixteen of the finest crews and ships in the world come to compete in a daring sailing race, with a different course each year.
Whenever he qualifies, Mantel Global Industries obviously gives an extra loud cheer for Marc Zemminski and his crew, on their splendid ship Free Eagle 4.

We are proud to support the four-time winner of the World Cross Globe Challenge.

The Garbage Exchange Program
is an initiative that combines environment preservation andeconomic development. Rather than letting our garbage pollute the rivers, forests and seas, the GEP volunteers gather these recyclable materials. Collected garbage is then sent to our partner countries (including Bangladesh, Peru, Mauritania and Somalia) for recycling.
The recycled materials are then bought back at a special price by Mantel Global Industries’s various divisions. This way, we not only help environmental preservation but also provide economic growth in the countries that need it most.
The Clean Water Program is an initiative aiming at making sure that everyone has access to safe, clean, drinkable water. Water is the essence of life and we wasted it for too long. The Clean Water Program’s volunteers work in the driest regions in the world to make sure water is safe and shared equally. When necessary, Mantel Military kindly provides assistance in the most troubled regions where serious protection is required.
As there is so much we still ignore about the beauty of our Mother Nature, Mantel Care has also founded a lot of non-governmental organisations to help protect the fauna and flora of our lands and seas, financing several biological and ecological expeditions each year. Thank to Mantel Care’s financing, more than 200 new animal species and 542 new plants were discovered in 2046.

And we still are a long way from solving all of Nature’s mysteries.